Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Explained Simply

Your personality is identified by a grouping of four letters. Each letter has two chooses that depend upon which you naturally have a preference for. To get your personality, decide which letter fits you better than add those up. It looks like this ENTJ. Being both is not an option here. Just decide whichever one fits you more closely.
I or E
S or N
T or F
J or P
which stands for
Introvert or Extrovert
Sensing or Intuition
Thinking or Feeling
Judging or Perceiving

Now let me briefly explain each one.

Introvert or Extrovert
An introvert is more comfortable in a small group than a large.They will keep a lot to themselves unless they are only will one other person or a small group.

An extrovert loves to be around other people, and will feel more comfortable when having a group conversation rather than a one on one.

Sensing or Intuition

A sensor focuses on what they can identity with their senses. They are concrete rather than abstract.

An intuitor  will be focused on the meaning of something rather than what they take in with their senses. They tend to be creative and unorthodox.

Thinking or Feeling

Being a thinker does not mean you are emotionless, but that you are less sensitive to emotion. Thinkers often are blunt and gruff, but they have emotional control and find it easier to be objective. Their view of the world is somewhat detached.

 A feeler views the world from a more personal angle. They prefer to what makes themselves as well as others happy and are willing to sacrifice objectivity if they feel is it ruining there ability or the ability of others to enjoy life.

Judging or Perceiving.

A judger prefers to have structure and order in their lives. They are happier when the world around them is organized. Because of this they will enjoy having a plan so future events go as smoothly as possible. The down fall to the judging preference is when they have to act without a plan. Most have trouble acting in an reasonable manner when this occurs.

A perceiver prefers to go with the flow. They tend to focus on the present moment. Too much thinking of the future can be tiresome as well as too much seriousness.

This is only the basic and I encourage further research.

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